Our Philosophy

The not for profit world is inspiring, it unites us all in a mission to be good human beings and to focus our work and efforts to do social good. On the flipside, the thirds or charity sector is also increasingly a competitive and challenging place. Standing out from the crowd, finding new ways to grow or diversify income streams, engaging stakeholders in our message and journey or finding new ways to demonstrate the social impact we are making, are just some of the daily challenges.

At Ingenious Group, we get this and we respect the unique challenges and environment in which our partners as clients operate.

Our philosophy is that we are people first, and sometimes life itself can and does go off-plan. Our pragmatic approach is to be kind always. To stay focused on the bigger picture and help you get there whatever there is, and no matter what the obstacles we will work in close partnership to help you succeed. Since we’re talking about the spiritual approach of our talent bank of charity experts, many who manage to succeed in achieving work-life balance, who work remotely or part-time in the UK and practise tai chi on a beach somewhere in Thailand or on a canal in Manchester, it seems only right to summarise our "were right with you" Philosophy with the words of John Lennon, “Better recognise your brother, their everyone you meet.”