Public Relations

Despite increasing commitment to investment in corporate social responsibility, some companies continue to hit the headlines with news of unethical trading, or how their policies threaten the environment, and or negatively impact upon social good. It’s no good closing corporate eyes and ears to difficult issues, consumers and other stakeholders increasingly demand greater transparency and increasingly look to business for tangible demonstration of good citizenship.

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Organisations like The Association of British Insurers urge companies to extend details of risk management procedures for dealing with social, environmental and ethical issues within annual reports. It is clear that corporate social reporting and investment has now become an established part of the corporate landscape.

Business and charities operate in different worlds, speak different languages and trade in different currencies. A charities currency is social good. Charities manage and operate as a business, but are not driven by profit, except that is, to sustain their work. Charities are driven by achieving social goals to positively impact on common good. While some corporate companies are also driven by developing social and ethical products and services, their overriding objectives and operating currency is to make a profit, in order to sustain the business and maintain and deliver shareholder value.

Our experienced social marketeers have successfully managed the reputation of leading brands from both sectors and therefore, know how to create successful partnerships. It is this unique insight and experience that can help you identify, manage and reduce any unnecessary risk.

We can help you to

Carry out risk assessment of stakeholder relations

Identify and secure charity partners and/or social issues which truly reflect your companies values and objectives

Positively manage responses and/or rejections to charitable request

Create tailor made tools which evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility policies

Represent your social policies to partners and the media