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Ingenious Group researchers use traditional market research analysis and techniques with the science of social anthropology. This helps us to understand social groups and critical drivers of communities better and at more profound levels to support greater segmentation, message adoption and ultimately drive positive engagement towards social improvement.

Anthropology uses the comparative studies of different cultures and cross-cultural comparisons. It also examines, interprets, analyses and compares the results of ethnography - the data gathered. This allows us to compare and contrast different societies and cultures. We augment our data and research within this context, commentary and analysis, which helps us to anticipate social trends better, identify areas of risk and provide a better forecast of future changes.

This intelligence is applied to both the understanding of current behaviours and predicting the likely responses of stakeholders to risk and rewards mix that underpins communications. This improves the design of behavioural change or engagement programmes and enables our clients to maximise adoption.

Needs Challenges and Opportunities Report

The breakthrough study - Commissioned by clients, The Young Brent Foundation, with the support of John Lyon's Charity, The Goldsmith's Company and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) identifies critical Challenges and Opportunities facing a vibrant, committed community of 100 Voluntary Sector Organisations each dedicated to supporting young People across Brent.

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A selection of research projects undertaken

‘Companies Who Care’ in conjunction with The University of Lincolnshire. A major piece of published research which examined attitudes and motivational drivers to charitable giving and Corporate social responsibility across Britain’s top 100 companies.

Audience and donor attrition research and development programmes for leading Arts organizations.

A major nationwide study into young people and their unique relationship and attitudes to alcohol.

A research program which tracked the impact and effectiveness of business funding and consultancy support with young ex offenders and disadvantaged youth groups.

“Making Music” a UK wide survey and programme aimed at increasing the role of music within the family unit; working with both parents and children.

The Pink Pound; an in-depth study of how some of Britain’s biggest brands market to the gay community.

“Food for Thought” a nationwide survey in out of school clubs, which examined 10,000 children and their families nutrition and lifestyles as part of a health living campaign for a leading supermarket.

A major study across 6 European countries for a global Retail Group, which assessed the ranking of importance of key social issues, their levels of emotional attachment and the impact this created on public charitable selection and giving.

The Caring Face of Britain Campaign; a major research and awareness program which found Britain’s 6 million “hidden” carers.