Talent Bank

Ingenious Group, is a group of highly experienced and talented social marketeers, providing innovative and cost effective solutions to companies and charities, where reputation is key.

Our reputation is based upon an outstanding commitment to client service and pragmatic approach to value-based marketing. With a diverse pool of talent and expertise, we approach social marketing from a wider prospective and ambition than those traditionally adopted in the field. We know how to harness social values, and how people relate to them, and put this knowledge at the centre of all we do. Our people are gifted with emotional intelligence, results driven, visionary, passionate and most of all intensely loyal to our clients.

Over the years Ingenious have become the trusted advisors on all social issues, creating strong successful partnerships between leading companies and charities, through a wide range of sponsorship, Cause Related Marketing and CSR initiatives.

It is Ingenious Groups unique ability to consistently create innovative and successful campaigns for our clients that have made us one of Britain's most respected names in the field of social marketing.

This means your reputation is in safe hands, whether your goal is to influence stakeholder opinion, or capture the hearts and minds of the public.