Fundraising Events

Unique Events That Engage Audiences 

Ingenious Group is best known throughout the world for outstanding performance in conference production and bespoke high profile events. Each event is designed to create strong emotional attachment and a deep-rooted understanding of key social or societal issues. Pre-and post-cultivation is highly personalised and delivered by experienced social marketers, who develop long term two-way relationships with each stakeholder. From every point of contact, and at every stage in relationships, we ensure our client’s objectives are fully met. Our attention to detail and award-winning production skills deliver innovative, high octane and inspiring events that go on delivering long after each event has taken place. For clients, a key reward of this service and our reputation management is high attendance levels at each event and excellent return on investment employed. Our cultivation program is second to none, ensuring that every guest or delegate receives a “total experience” aligning clients with intelligence and innovation.  

Ingenious Group can help if your goal is to raise the profile, enlist new clients, launch campaigns, deliver complex messages, raise funds or change stakeholder opinion.

Why Ingenious are different

We design, every detail and use our social marketing and cultivation skills to deliver innovative events, centred on a big idea.

We research, identify, cultivate and secure guests relevant to achieving an events objective including opinion leaders, politicians and celebrities

Ingenious events are always unique and typically attract 98% + attendance levels This ensures that every event we deliver equals a high rate of return on investment.

Why Your Safe With Us

We are dedicated to managing our client’s reputations at all points of contact

Approved in Venue’s Money Can’t Buy

We can secure a range of unique and prestigious venues, many of which are simply not available commercially.
Ingenious Group is trusted for its unique understanding of public opinion on social issues and how they affect society and/or business, and for their sheer marketing talent of emotive causes through events.