Ingenious Group, founded in 2000, is a group of highly experienced, like-minded individuals dedicated to using their marketing, business development and fundraising skills to ignite and bring to life any project or organisation with the potential to deliver social benefit.


Whatever the nature of your brief, we will approach it as a new challenge, one to be considered from every angle before putting together just the right multi-disciplinary project team drawn from our extensive talent pool. A talent pool of individuals who have worked at every level – up to and including CEO – for some of the UK’s top 500 charities.

Whether your project is large or small

Fundamentally, we understand the central importance of maximising your return on investment, however large or small that investment might be. And we achieve that not by simply following established funding trends and trails but by pioneering new solutions wherever they can deliver results; by being, as our name implies, ingenious in the pursuit of social good.

Keeping you in the picture

At the same time, our client procedures and customer care systems ensure that everything we do is guaranteed fit for purpose, tightly aligned with your targets and KPIs and fully backed up by relevant research and benchmarking comparisons. Moreover, from the initial discovery meeting, scoping and information gathering through to project design, delivery and hand over, we will fully involve you in whatever way suits you, with everything meticulously captured by our customer relationship management systems.

In short, you will always be in control – always fully aware of exactly what you should be getting, when you should be getting it and how much it will cost.