Ingenious Group Marketing For Good

Multi-Award Winning Marketing For Good in action

Ingenious Group’s Marketing For Good brand of interactive events feature the sharing of cause led marketing – secrets of success from some of Britain’s best-loved brands and saw both companies and charities working in true partnership for mutual benefit. Together with leading the way in that all-important battle for public engagement and reputation management.

Each charity team responding to real-world key marketing challenges facing companies including the challenge of helping companies find new ways of building better brand value, finding new customers and markets, selling more products and services, increasing brand loyalty, improving talent and staff retention and much more.

Cause Led Marketing Challenge Top-tips

The Charity Brief & Checklist

  1. Strategic skills: How strategic is the idea? Does your idea address all the business challenges set? Do all the supporting facts add up? What is the proposals overall likelihood of it, resulting in success? Have you approached the issues strategically with military precision or haphazardly? Have you made all the rights strategic moves? Overall, has the proposal demonstrated enough Return on Investment and how it will add value to both parties?
  2.  Analytical skills: How well you analysed the brief you were given? Have you identified all the relevant key factors that will succeed and separated them effectively from those that don’t? Have you considered the broader implications of your idea? Do you have any analysis to back up your idea?
  3.  Creative skills: How innovative is the overall CRM idea itself? Is it a totally new idea? And/or does it have demonstrably innovative communications components? Does it demonstrate creative talent either in its content or in its execution?
  4.  Presentation skills: The ability to communicate the idea effectively in whole and in part. Have you gained empathy, interest and buy-in? Has the total package of communications tools including speech, body language and presentation equipment been used appropriately and effectively? Have you made your proposition clear, engaging and most of all, a convincing total win-win credible proposition?

The first-ever event featured

  • What the ITV fame ratings say about famous brands.
  • How Virgin Mobile and Siemens succeeded with the 18-30’s market.
  • How to Build a business case for CSR
  • Ethical marketing to children and families

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Marketing For Good Challenges took a behind the scenes look and revealed the charity skills and resources of precisely what it takes to generate ideas for mutual benefit and secure corporate support for your charity.

Featuring every aspect of pitching to corporates, and totally unique it’s the only charity corporate event to showcase talent and feature live pitches.

The no-going back pitching sessions, reveal how many of UK’s leading and most experienced charities, working from pre-prepared briefs, rise to the ultimate of marketing challenges and create innovative, smart, win-win mutual partnerships that work.