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Charity Management Professionals On Tap

Our network of highly professional charity marketing and communications management professionals offer a cost-effective solution to generating more income, securing more support and creating more value in your communications. Experienced teams working with you in-house or as an outsource can help you do more for less, from devising fundraising strategies that ramp up and future proof your income to creating more engaging content in your digital communications.

Each project, big or small, is assigned an experienced Charity Leader. Acting as Account Director, they work with specialist teams designed to contract and expand to meet each projects objectives, deadlines and budgets. A full-service, back-office support team provides added peace of mind for every project we undertake. Ensuring consistency of service from branding, digital marketing, finance and accountancy, legal services, human resource and project management.

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Our community teams are adept at working remotely, from a farmhouse in the UK or more exotic locations- following their dreams of practising tai chi on a beach somewhere in Thailand.
Ingenious Group’s Talent Bank Community works solely with charities and companies serious about delivering meaningful social impact and who value the expertise our teams bring to every project.
Our teams are agile and flexible; and enjoy total freedom of when, how and where they work—beyond this, they enjoy working with other like-minded and talented professionals collaborating on exciting projects with a shared common purpose- to create social impact.

IG has always been a diversity & inclusion champion. Not as fashionable buzzwords, but from day one, we made it our business to actively include and value everyone equally, without hierarchy or convention as early Investors in People and Positive about Disability pioneers. Our people-centred approach encourages and celebrates any form of difference.

Diversity in our teams is essential to us, not just because it creates better outcomes for our projects and reflects the wide range of social issues we represent in our work. Working with people from different backgrounds, belief systems, cultures, and skillsets is fundamental to our global ground-breaking work.

Proud of our diversity, for more than 21 years, our management teams from all walks of life share one thing in common. A commitment to working with other like-minded, talented people who share their values and directing their skills and resources to support charities that take impact seriously and do great work for causes they care about.

Diversity creates better solutions.

We believe that “two brains are better than one”, but even more so when the two brains are culturally more diverse. In our experience, the greater the diversity of people, their viewpoints, backgrounds and culture, the bigger and the more frequent out of the box thinking and solutions happen. That’s why were proud of our inclusive humanist approach, our authentic culture and our steadfast commitment to building and supporting successful diverse, and inclusive teams.

In a nutshell, we’re authentic, entrepreneurial, inclusive, agile, impact-driven and diverse.

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