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The perfect solution for your Charity project 


We appreciate that for many charities and other not-for-profits, this is a time of consolidation. But the fundraising work still must be done, and deadlines still must be met…


There are those planned-for projects – such as seasonal fundraising and awareness campaigns. There are also unexpected projects – an out-of-the-blue opportunity to pitch for a ‘Charity of the Year’ award, for example. And then there are the ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ projects – such as that long-held ambition to create a list of ‘warm’ corporate sponsors.

Finding the right resourcing balance – between permanent staff, temporary staff and support from outside agencies – can be difficult even for planned-for projects. For other projects, the resourcing may not even be possible in any cost-effective way. 

Until now, thanks to our highly flexible Outsourcing/Insourcing solution.



Ingenious undertakes work on your behalf away from your location.


Ingenious specialists work alongside your own teams at your premises.


Many of our partnership assignments last for one to three years. But we can, and do, offer the services of our individual experts and teams on a monthly, daily, even hourly basis. And in some cases, an hour or two is all that it takes for one of our experienced professionals, supported by our unrivalled market intelligence, to save you from the frustration and lost time of trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’.


Whatever the project you need to resource – anything from a funding application with a looming deadline to a one-off event that needs organising, from a direct mail campaign that needs writing to longer-term strategy development – we can provide the expertise you need for just as long as you need it. 

What’s more, all the associated costs will be thoroughly transparent and agreed in advance in a clear, concise contract, supported by a Service Level Agreement to ensure that we deliver what we promise.

So why not call us for a free, no-obligation discussion on the perfect solution for your project resourcing.


Outsourcing/Insourcing – The Benefits

· Specialist expertise and support as and when you need it

· Access to market intelligence and fundraising key skills 

· Improved supporter and funder services 

· Reduced project and departmental operating costs