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Boost Your Charity Social Giving

We’ve been in your shoes, we speak your language, and we work with your audience.

Successful charity social media management relies on two key things:

A solid understanding of charity sector marketing. The unique context of social aims, diversity, linkages, language, social communities & behaviour, achieving cause-led objectives through engaging communications, and:

A comprehensive technical skillset and practical experience across the right social media channels that your community of service users, funders and supporters use to share experience. 

Our Teams Sector Experience 

Our friendly teams that create your social content- each have extensive backgrounds in the charity sector. They understand your communication and fundraising goals and have walked in your shoes. This shared experience means they know how to effectively engage multicultural, socially diverse communities in things that matter to them. They understand sector language, social context, your unique audience, your brand’s persona, your mission and USP.

This means they are well placed to shape up your social media activities, to get the results you need to further your cause.

Social Fundraising Success

Being able to actively listen and positively respond, at the right time and place to the public, and a community of supporters, potential donors and beneficiaries in a clear and engaging way that resonates – really can make all the difference to achieving fundraising success.

Pricing Plan

Our plans highlight some of the key features of our fully flexible, 100% professional charity social media support services. Our no-nonsense prices exclusive of VAT and shown below are designed to  support and inform charitable budgeting and costings for reliable charity social management services, in affordable monthly plans, that deliver what you need, whenever you need it. You can switch from plan to plan, or reschedule your cover without fuss, whenever you wish. And since no two charities can ever be the same, while some of our features are standard, the contents of our social media management services, in every instance, is 100% entirely bespoke.


Reputation Is Everything

We believe that reputation is all. As reputation equals trust and building trust ultimately results in more loyal supporters and more sustainable giving.

As early social pioneers, our teams have worked inclusively in social marketing (behavioural change) and reputation management for more than 2O years, from devising award-winning public-facing health messaging campaigns to powering equal opportunities for minorities. We know how to craft to create cut-through and engaging communications that resonate and build a solid, long-lasting reputation.


Andrew Fulton

Communications Director, Ingenious Group

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