Case Study: School Food Trust

“Improving Children’s Health Reducing inequalities.”


 Improving children’s health and reduce inequalities by better young people education.

Our live workshops and Away Days supported The School Food Trust’s inspiring staff teams in their mission of working with schools and young people to promote a whole school approach to food to:

  • Encourage schools to improve school food and cater for all pupils
  • Encourage children and young people to eat a school lunch
  • Encourage parents to support schools and children in both of the above
  • Support families to improve packed lunches where these are needed (family finance, religion, health, and no access to good school food)
  • Encourage those eating from takeaways or “fringe” purchases at lunchtime to try out a healthy packed lunch or school lunch.
  • Encourage schools to provide healthy snack foods to help young people avoid eating confectionery and savoury items high in salt, fat and sugar.

Building on the premise that better food, food culture and food habits in schools can contribute through increased consumption of school meals and;

  • Improved Health
  • Reduction of poverty-related nutrition inequalities
  • Reduction of obesity
  • Enhanced well-being and emotional welfare
  • Improved attainment and cognitive function
  • Improved behaviour

The School Food and campaigns led by Jamie Oliver, have created new school food standards here is a Free handy School Food Guide to the very lastest.